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EasternBohemia sundial trail

The sundial trial of East Bohemia starts and finishes in Hradec Králové. It is possible to make it as a one - day tour by car. Hradec Králové is the centre of the Eastern Bohemia. You might join the trip with a visit to one capital city - Prague, which is about 100 km away and is easily reached by public transport.

1. In the historic centre of Hradec Králové on the "Small Square" (Male namesti) stand two cylinder altitude dials which make a part of column. If you want to read the time you need the help of an observer. He must firstly set the style to the right date, and then turn the column so that the shadow of style is vertical. One dial has a plate for Local apparent time, the second one for Standard time (with two curves for morning and afternoon dials).

Longitude 15° 50' 11.9" Latitude 50° 12' 38"

2 The next sundial is in the small town of Dobruška. Two sundials are found on a belfry by the church of St Wenceslas in Kostelní street. One of them is on the wall with the azimuth -20°, the second one with the azimuth 70°.

Longitude 16° 9' 45.8" Latitude 50° 17' 34.7"

3 The third stopon our trail is Nové Mesto nad Metují. The sundials are again in a pair on Huss Square (No 1225) on the building of a townhall. A visit to this town might include a visit to the castle on its gardens, too.

Longitude 16° 9' 9.9" Latitude 50° 20' 37.3"

4 The next stop is in the village of Studnice. You will see a sundial on a building with a rich history. Originally it used to be a part of the fortification, later a rectory. Now it is the municipal office. Once there used to be three sundials but after the reconstruction of this building there is only one left.

Longitude 16° 5' 20" Latitude 50° 25' 18"

5 The sundial with the date 1811 is situated in Ratiborice. On the building , called Kavalierhaus, are 2 sundials which are both somewhat damaged. A south-eastern sundial which can be seen from the castle park is still in working order. A clock-face of the south-western dial is dingy, the figures are missing and the older clock-face could be seen underneath it. The style is also missing.

Longitude 16° 3' 6" Latitude 50° 24' 58"

6 In the town of Dvur Králové nad Labem there is a sundial in T. G. Masryk square on the building of a former town hall. In 2002 a replica of the former clock-face from 1797 was made with the use of historical photos. More on the history of this sundial.

The town is also famous for its ZOO. Some of the animal live freely in "African safari". In the summer (from May till the end of September) the visitors can watch safari from special "Safari buses". Further information about the ZOO is introduced on

Longitude 15° 48' 49.6" Latitude 50° 25' 55.6"

7 In Jaromer, at 12 Sladovna there is a beautiful painted wall dial. It is highly appreciated by sundial lovers from overseas h If you want to see this sundial, it is better to view it from the opposite (right) bank of the river Elbe (Labe).

Longitude 15° 55' 4.0" Latitude 50° 21' 17.0"

8 The last sundial of our trail is in the local part of Jaromer, called Josefov, at 1 Lidická Street. There is a pair of corner dials with the date of 1865. The dial has an unusual style. A tourist attraction of Josefov, a fortification was built between 1780 - 1787. (....more)

Longitude 15° 55' 45.3" Latitude 50° 20' 18.9"

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This sundial trail of Eastern Bohemia was kindly provided by Ing. Miloš Nosek of Mandysova 1408, 500 12 Hradec Králové, Ceská republikwho has pictures of many other beautiful sundials on his Czech website