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My favourite sundials in Toronto, Canada

This list was compiled for the sundial tour on the first day of the meeting of the North American Sundial Society in Toronto in September 1996.
  • Pearson International Airport dial.
    This dial has a huge concrete gnomon and stands outside the administration building on a windswept piazza with the flags of all the Canadian provinces fluttering overhead. The shuttle bus can drop you off there, and it's an easy walk back to the terminal.
    NB - this sundial was unfortunately demolished when the airport was modernised
  • Toronto City Hall, Nathan Philips Square

  • Michener Institute of Medical Technology

  • Victoria College sundial, University of Toronto.
    University Ave, near Queens Park

  • Trinity College sundial, University of Toronto

  • Hart House sundial, University of Toronto

  • Ian Dalton's dial, University of Toronto
    Front campus, Kings College

  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Yonge Street - has at least 6 dials.

  • Institute of Aerospace Studies, 4925 Dufferin Street, University of Toronto,

  • Casa Loma, 1 Austen Terrace, Toronto