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"Make a Sundial"

70 pages including 4 pages of photographs. A4 spiral bound ISBN 0 9518404 0 1 Make A Sundial was preparted by the Education Group and is published by the British Sundial Society

Make a Sundial contains background activites on the use of shadows for charting the passage of time, together with construction projects for making sundials in the classroom from readily available materials such as matchboxes, plastic bottles, paper and card. The requirements of the UK National Curriculum are more than adequately covered.

Further activites deal with converting sundial time to clock time, and with "dial hunting" for a day out of school. A full table of contents is given at the end of this page.

More advanced topics include the construction of a playground dial, and an equatorial "bicycle wheel and broomstick" dial which would meet the requirements for a UK GCSE project for 14/15-year olds.

The book can also be thoroughly recommended as a good way for newcomers to dialling who want to get a good understanding of basic principles before they start on their first major project.

If you would like a copy of Make A Sundial , please print the attached form on your printer, and send it with a cheque to:

BSS Education Group,
Dial House, Old School Lane,
West Lydford, Somerton,
Somerset TA11 7JP, England
Tel: (+44) 1963 240 421

Please send a cheque in pounds sterling (GBP) drawn on a bank in the UK, and made payable to "British Sundial Society". Your cheque should be for:

£7.00 including UK postage and packing
£8.00 including postage and packing to Europe
£9.50 including postage and packing outside Europe

You can also obtain Sundials in Paris at the same time. This costs £2.50 if included with an order for "Make a Sundial"; otherwise please add £0.50 for post and packing to Europe, or £1.50 for post and packing outside Europe.

"Sundials in Paris" Payment may be made in foreign currency, but please do not send cheques drawn on non-sterling banks as the cost of conversion is always greater than the value of the cheque.

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Table of contents
Backround activities
1 - Shadows
2 - Make a Shadow Stick
3 - Moving Shadows
4 - Keeping Track of the Sun
5 - A dial to colour
Construction projects
1 - A horizontal dial
2 - A horizontal dial from a matchbox
3 - An equatorial dial
4 - An equatorial dial from a plastic bottle
5 - A polar dial from a matchbox
6 - A polar dial made from wood or card
7 - A sundial time conversion calculator
Further activities
1 - Sundial Time and Clock Time
2 - Dial hunting
Group project
1 - A bicycle wheel and broomstick dial
2 - An analemmatic dial (suitable for school playgrounds)
General notes for teachers
Notes on activities
Notes on projects
Finding south
Tables for simple dials
British Sundial Society addresses

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