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Practical information Introduction
Set up a dial
Finding your latitude
  and longitude

Frequent questions
6 projects to do
Mass dials
Bevezetés a
 Napórákhoz (HU)

Come preparare una
  meridiana (I)

6 candrans solaires à faire (FR)
Types of sundials
Types de cadrans

Tipos de relógios

Types Zonnewijzers
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Sundials to buy The Sunfair gives detailed information about many of the leading world sundial makes.
Commission a special sundial? Stainless Spot-On Sundials bullet - Armillary Spheres
Technical information Equation of Time
Computer programs
Declination of a wall
Nature of time
Az idõkiegyenlítés (HU)
L'equazione del tempo (I)
La Ecuación del Tiempo (SP)
A fal tájolásának meghatározása (HU)
De Tijdsvereffening(NL)
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"Clocks" magazine articles by N. Ta'Bois. Adjusting for Longitude    
The Analemma    
Calculating hour lines    
Disc dials    
Equinoctial dials    
Gnomon or style    
Greenwich meridian    
Hours and hours    
Latitude & sundials    
Meantime dials    
Minor adjustments    
The Noon Mark    
Pillar dials    
Ring dials    
Significant dials    
"Sun time & clock time"    
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