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Links to pictures of sundials on the internet

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  If you know of any other links to pictures of sundials, please send us an E-mail Your help would be appreciated.

Many thanks to Justin Depo who provided the information about sundials in Norway, Sweden and Poland in December 2004
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Section 1 - Pictures on "Sundials on the Internet"

These are some of the pages on "Sundials on the Internet" which have pictures of sundials on them.
connois.htm - Sundials for the Connoisseur by Silas Higgon
Hand-carved stone sundials by Harriet James
~cantab.htm - The Cambridgeshire sundial trail
~esussex.htm - My favourite sundials in East Sussex
~polska.htm - My favourite sundials in Poland
~toronto.htm - My favourite sundials in Toronto
~thames.htm - The London Thames sundial trail
~cotswolds.htm - The Cotswold sundial trail
massdial.htm - Mass Dials
projects.htm - Four simple sundial projects
plus most of the newer sundial trails listed on our Index to sundial trails page
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Section 2 - Sites with images of many sundials

Many of these links have been reported as broken - so we have taken out the link so our link checker doesnt get overworked, but we leave the link in as plain test in the hope that you can find out what the correct link is and kindly let us know
Sundials of Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, -
Sundials of Scotland -
Sundials of Trier, Germany -
Sundials of the Czech republic
Catalogue of sundials in Hungary
Sundials in Canada New
Sundials In Murcia (SW Spain)
Many thumbnail images of sundials in the province - each is a link to a larger phtograph and a description of the dial.
Sundials In Austria
The home page of Karl Schwarzinger with pages in both English and German
Sundials in Brittany, France
Sundials in Berlin, Germany - English version
Sundials in Germany
Some sundials in Italy
Frans' sundial site
A large wwebsite with many pictures of public and other sundials in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world, classified according to the type of sundial. -
Sundials in the Netherlands
The new millennium sundial in New Zealand -
Some pretty pictures of portable sundials
antique pocket sun dials
Some plans for sundials and other sun and star instruments
A listing of UK sundials
which have recently been stolen -
which has individual pages for many makers of sundials in Quebec, and of the sundials they have made.
A list of sundials near Leeds, England
including a number of images -
Piers Nicholson's personal web page
with images of some painted sundials, and also a large public sundial near Lincoln, England -
Ye Sundial Booke
An expanding picture library including horizontal dials, vertical dials, pillar dials, polyhedral dials, and Saxon dials -
Phil Walker's personal web pages
A selection of sundial photographs
Francois Blateyron's personal page
offers a lot of sundial pictures, from Paris and Besançon. This site is bilingual French and English
Carlo G Croce's personal page
with a number of sundial pictures and lots of related information This site is bilingual English and Italian.
a page of sundial pictures
that I hold in Galaxy Picture Library for use by publishers. - .
Some sundial pictures taken by Julian Holland
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Section 3 - Sites with image(s) of a single sundial (in order of country)

Many of these links have been reported as broken - so we have taken out the link so our link checker doesnt get overworked, but we leave the link in as plain test in the hope that you can find out what the correct link is and kindly let us know.
sundial at Heinrich Harrer Museum in Hüttenberg
Austria -
sundial in Fellows' Garden, Merton College, Oxford
England -
Sundial with a "live" sundial image and automatic time readout
at Pembroke College, Cambridge, England -
The six sundials on the Gate of Honour
at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge , England-
The famous sundial at Queens' College
Cambridge, England -
The Lumbutts Sundial in West Yorkshire, England
German Sundial seen in the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany
This sundial has a odd-shaped gnomon that completely compensates for the equation of time. The gnomon must be changed twice a year after (I think) the solstices. Each sundial is individually made for any given location to within 300 meters, and is accurate to (nearly) the minute. The website (in German) at says where some such dials are, but does not have any more information.
sundial at the public observatory in Mainz
Germany (page in German) -
new large horizontal sundial with an over 50 ft gnomon
built 1998 in Bad Bevensen, Germany, :
Sundial at Hong Kong University
Hong Kong -
The sundials at Jaipur, India
also lots of information about the sundial and Jaipur Observatory at
The sundial of Sheikh Bahai
at Isfahan, Iran -
An ancient sundial at Knowth, one of the ancient monuments of Ireland  
New public sundial erected at the seaside resort of BlackrockDundalk, Ireland, to mark the millennium -
A sundial invented in 1437
Korea -
Sundial at the National Planetarium
Malaysia -
Sundial in Middelburg, Zeeland
Index of Sundials in Norway, with pictures -
   Polish polar station, Hornsund,Svalbard, ,Norway  Sundial made by  Marek Szymocha
The world's most northerly sundial -   - opened 6  March 2004, 78° 13' North 15° 37' East,
Island Mageroy, North Cape, Norway
 A very  nice sundial in Tromsø ,(69°40'N 18°56'Ø), on Tunel Ventilation
The sculpture "Solur" is made by sculptor Rolf Øidvin. The sculpture of "Thousand Years" is placed at the churchon Kvernes. Averoy Kommun
Olav Tryggvason statue as a Sundial , Tromdheim, Norway (63°36'N 10°25'Ø)
  Detail of a Sundial in Andoy, Norway
   Two sundials on a private house in  Torun, Kepno x 2, Gliwice, Skoki  near Poznan Poland 
Botanical Garden in Lodz,Poland projekt, in Polish
Historical Sundial from Jedrzejow, Polandin Polish
A very  big Wall -Sundial  in a  very little town Wlodawa, near Bug- RiverPoland
Sundial at Patensie, Cape Province, South Africa ( 33,8° S 24,8° E)
The dial is 37m in diameter,and said to be the largest in South Africa. The gnomon is made out of a woodenpole and the dial is made of concrete blocks. It was erected by Mr. D Schellinghout in 1988.
sundial at Pajala, Sweden, said by the Guiness book of records to be the largest in the world
Sweden - More pictures and a webcam at
Sundial in Ales Stenar, Sweden -
Sundial on Spånga Church, Stockholm,-
A short-lived sundial in San Rafael, California
USA The Barker family made this beautiful sundial for a 2-day street festival in June 1998, and it lives on in their attractive web site at
Sundial at the Team Disney Building
at Walt Disney World, Florida, USA
Photographs of this building and dial can be found at a drawing of the markings is at
Finally, a large file (1400 KB), with a copy of the cover illustration featuring this dial of the April 1991 issue of Progressive Architecture can be found at
Sundial adjacent to Maxwell Hall
at the University of Indiana, USA -
Treble clef sundial at The School of Music
at Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA -
Morehead Planetarium sundial
on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill USA (3 pictures) -
Barnwell sundial
at Barnwell, South Carolina, USA - -
Physics/ Astronomy building sundial
at the Physics/ Astronomy building of the University of Washington, Seattle, USA This sundial is included in the Seattle sundial trail
The Richard Swenson sundial, University of Wisconsin, USA
Probably the largest vertical sundial in existence
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Section 4 - Sites with sundials we have not yet had time to classify

Thanks to Steven Woodbury!

sundial at University of Limerick

vertical dial on church in Cornwall

vertical dials at Palladio's Villa Barbaro at Maser Italy

Phhil Walker sundial photos

sundial at Justice Center, Hunterdon County NJ

sundials: Beijing; Jaipur; Tirol

sun tower at Gullett Elementary School, Austin, TX

sundial for Pennsic (an annual gathering of the Society for Creative Anacronism)

The C.M. Huffer Memorial Sundial, Mt. Laguna Observatory

Picture of Barnwell SC dial (free-standing vertical cast-iron dial) and another picture of Barnwell SC dial, with county courthouse and brief description of Barnwell SC dial (#17)

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